I create these images by letting tea (or other pigment) stain ceramics tiles. As the tea flows across the tile, I step aside. I only return after the tea is dried to decide to keep it or not.

I studied Chinese painting for many years, and painted landscapes in ink on paper. The Chinese say that the best paintings are like cracks on the wall, and water stains on the ceiling. The paintings look as though nature has created them, that the artist has stepped aside and let nature come through. In this way, my new work has evolved from my ink paintings.

I call it Non-Action Painting because my approach relates with the Daoist concept of non-action (wu wei). I am discovering how to leave my ego behind, to let nature work. I also want to contrast it with Action Painting, in which artists express their individuality.

These imagesí small size and endless levels of details encourage deep looking.